Teams registered for Fall Ball

As you can see we a starting to fill up, However Reg remains open until the end of next week. We have a total of 24 spots available each night so plan accordingly when you request a spot..

Tuesday Coed

  1. Uchugg
  2. Edwards Garment Co
  3. Pitch Slappers
  4. Louie’s Trophy House (R Ward)
  5. Sports Forum
  6. Huntington Bombers
  7. Main St Pub (J Ellwitz)
  8. Fubar
  9. Back Door Sliderz

Wednesday Men

  1. Raiders/Old Guys
  2. Tigers
  3. Lake Effect
  4. Batmen
  5. Kalamazoo Mortgage
  6. Gun Show
  7. Summer Knights
  8. Misfits

Thursday Coed

  1. Plas Tech
  2. Balls In Your Face
  3. Where’s My Pitches At
  4. Pig Missile Dingers
  5. Uchugg
  6. Louie’s Trophy House (L Holladay)
  7. Sea Biscuits Pink Rooster
  8. Westnedge Family Dentistry
  9. Best Way Disposal
  10. Medallion Management
  11. 60+
  12. Main St Pub Brew Crew
  13. Finkelballs
  14. Sponsorless
  15. Bottom Of the 5th
  16. R & T Auto
  17. AC Foundry

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